Turtle Wax 53410 ハイブリッドソリューション セラミックウェットワックス 26液量オンス | ワックス | ビューティー

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10 reviews for Turtle Wax 53410 ハイブリッドソリューション セラミックウェットワックス 26液量オンス | ワックス | ビューティー

  1. Jayanta Das

    Very good product. High gloss and slickness in a few minutes

  2. Claudia M. Persico S

    Muy buen producto deja un brillo muy bueno y protege la pintura , lo probé ! Lo recomiendo !

  3. Georgios

    Did my research on this product and it worked perfect easy to apply….It’s suppose to be used on the wet surface of your vehicle after you wash it to protect it. It went on easy with a micro fibre cloth, very happy with all of Turtle wax Hybrid products.

  4. Carlos Ricano

    Empecé a probar la línea Hybris Solutions de Turtle Wax y todos son muy buenos productos, esta cera no es la excepción, fácil de aplicar y con resultados notorios en el acabado del auto. Para mi que no soy detallador profesional, resultó una excelente opción. Muy recomendable.


    Great product! Adds superior shine, mirror like finish on the car.Really easy to use

  6. caperns

    Easy to use leaves a nice protective shine

  7. SumWell

    Bought this spray wax for moments you just don’t want to spend two hours polishing your car. Simply wash and spay on while wiping off and drying. Not equivalent to a proper ceramic coating, but good for refreshes between polishes. Good product.

  8. Mike Clement

    Great product ! Above expectation.

  9. Andreas

    I would never consider using anything else from now on. The ceramic series are just the best in class. Unless you have a big budget to spend a couple of grand on a professional ceramic coat, avoid the cost and hassle by simply choosing this product. Easy to apply and results just fantastic!

  10. NITIN V.

    I like to take care of my car myself i dont like getting my car washed outside.. i am not satisfied unless i do it myselfafter a bought a new car i found out these products and bought couple of them and they do really makes a differencespecially this one what i like is after the wash you dont have to wipe the card dry then use the wax on itwith this WET WAX you just have to spray 2-3 spray per panel and use the better microfiber cloth and thats it.it will soak the water on car easily and leaves it with that wax shine the smell is also goodAfter that for better results i use “Turtle Wax 53409 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating” just for more protection with that any drop of birds or road dirt or any other containments can be easily cleaned later

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